USPS’s Latest Technological Innovation Allows Gift Sender and Receiver to Share in the Magical Moment of Cheer

The holidays are a critical time for the U.S. Postal Service, when they often debut new technologies and innovations like the Peanuts augmented reality app. This year, USPS is exploring a unique approach to traditional gift shipping – a trial of a new technology that allows both the gift sender and receiver to share in the magical moment of cheer when the package is opened by the recipient. 
Imagine being able to know not just when the gifts you send arrive, but when your loved ones open the package – and all you have to do is look at your tree. Introducing the USPS Most Wonderful Ornament – the latest example of the Postal Service’s commitment to continuous innovation through technology. 
How it works: The Most Wonderful Ornament signifies the status of your package through a holiday ornament that changes color accordingly: it shines blue when the package is on its way, red when it’s arrived and green when the package has been opened.