Job-Swapping Celebrities Give People Time for a Check-up.
Hello, Jimmy Kimmel.

In 2014, Cigna was seen as just another health care provider in a category that people disliked, distrusted and tuned out.

Our challenge was to establish Cigna as a different type of health care provider. We set out to prove that Cigna was unique, and to do it in a way that would capture people’s attention.

We positioned Cigna as a proactive partner in wellness (“Together, all the way”), and championed a wellness topic that gets overlooked, yet has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives: preventive care.

We captured attention by behaving in an unexpected way, challenging the category’s traditional, dry way of communicating by joining forces with ABC for a cross-network integration that leveraged TV personalities.

Our creative work was grounded in a truth that people don’t go for check-ups because they don’t think they have time (specifically to leave work). So, we developed the concept of the “job swap,” where personalities like Jimmy Kimmel and Good Morning America correspondents filled in for regular people at their jobs, giving them time to go for a check-up at the Cigna Mobile Clinic.

The combination of a new message and a new way of telling our message worked. Since launch we’ve had 30 million impressions, achieved engagement rates 67% higher than average across paid media and 126% higher across earned media. Further, reaching our audience in light-hearted and unexpected ways, Cigna was able to “walk the talk” of a true partner in wellness, helping people take control of their health.