One Baby Brand Is Turning Unsolicited Baby Advice Into
Something That’s Actually Useful – Advice Wipes

Tommee Tippee, the fastest growing baby bottle brand in North America, launched a new global ad campaign created by McCann New York and themed #ParentOn. The campaign reflects the results of a new poll of 1,000 new moms, commissioned by Tommee Tippee, which found that over half felt entirely overwhelmed by unsolicited advice and opinions.

“Parenting advice is everywhere,” said Eric Silver, Chief Creative Officer, McCann North America. “It’s hard to escape nowadays, but the truth is parents have always known what to do – from the very beginning. There just weren’t books about it. Tommee Tippee wants all parents to take a deep breath, exhale, and do what they were born to do: Parent On! And maybe have some fun while at it.”

In that spirit, Tommee Tippee and McCann concluded there must be some actual use for all that extra parenting feedback, so hired a paper making facility to collect baby books and articles, then recycle all the material to create a limited run of baby wipes. Introducing Tommee Tippee Advice Wipes. Made from real, overwhelming baby advice.

The result is not only a new way of using otherwise unwanted baby advice but an unexpected way to help launch the overall message of the brand.

More at: http://parent-on.com/#advicewipes