Mr. Mucus Comes Into the Real World and Interacts With Real Consumers in Real Time

This year on Valentine’s Day, Mr. Mucus, Mucinex’s over-the-top brand mascot, came into the real world and interacted with real consumers in real time at JFK airport. Because, what’s worse than being sick at the airport?

The walking, talking life-size Mr. Mucus was made possible with a digital billboard and super sophisticated motion capture technology that had never before been used by a brand.

Our brand spokesperson wore a Xsens MVN full body wearable motion capture suit and a helmet system called Facewares to capture his body and facial movements. Then, using Unreal Engine gaming software, we created a live, walking and talking Mr. Mucus on the screen.
While the Xsens suit has been used to create characters in movies, this was the first time the mo-cap suit and Unreal Engine were used together in this way.