You’d Make a Way Better Rich Person

A rich New Yorker spends millions of dollars for a dead bat to add to his dead bat collection. An Internet startup guru pays hundreds of dollars for solid gold staples to bind historic documents together. An eccentric heir spends $28,000 a week on expensive wine – to bathe in.

A lot of millionaires certainly have questionable ways of spending their riches.

The New York Lottery, whose namesake game LOTTO has created more New York millionaires than any other jackpot game, believes its winners make way better rich people than these eccentric characters who enjoy their spoils in unique ways.

This notion inspired a campaign highlighting why New York LOTTO players make the best rich people. It was tagged, “You’d Make a Way Better Rich Person.”

“When the LOTTO game debuted in 1978, it was designed to fuel players’ dreams of being rich, with a starting jackpot of just $250,000,” said New York Lottery Director Gardner Gurney. “LOTTO grew exponentially and over the years has turned 1,326 New Yorkers into LOTTO millionaires. We believe our LOTTO players have the knowledge, charisma and common sense to be rich in the best way.”

McCann clearly is having fun with the campaign’s wry portraits of wealthy eccentrics. The campaign spans television, radio, online, billboards and out-of-home, as well as a first-of-its-kind digital “Field Guide” to identify eccentric wealth at