The Great Margarita Space Launch for Jose Cuervo

In the mid-1930s Jose Cuervo®, the world’s best-selling tequila, helped pioneer one of the most epic cocktails ever invented: The Margarita. In honor of National Margarita Day (February 22), McCann took the brand to new heights, literally. Using aerospace technologies and GPS tracking, we launched a container full of Margarita ingredients into space where the drink was shaken and frozen, then parachuted back to earth where the launch team became the first individuals ever to savor a Margarita made in space.

Sound simple? No, of course it wasn’t. But the agency teamed up with rocket scientists with a sense of humor who know how to do this stuff, including independent space program, JP Aerospace and Dr. Peter Smith, who led the Phoenix Mission to Mars. The surrounding social and digital communications program spanned online video teasers leading up to the launch, Twitter and Facebook countdowns to launch, live tweeting from the launch site and a video documenting the entire wonderful project.

A few more details.

Launch site: Pinal County Park, about an hour north of Tucson.

Lift-Off: High altitude weather balloons were affixed to a light weight rigging platform on which the Margarita shaker was placed and to which cameras were attached to record the flight. Severe buffeting of the winds at high altitude shook the Margarita and the extreme cold froze it. When the capsule reached some 100,000 feet into space, the apex of the flight, the weather balloons shattered and the capsule parachuted back to earth. The shaken and frozen Margarita landed in a ravine about 100 miles from the launch site. The intrepid chase team was a bit bruised during the retrieval, but the capsule was splendidly intact as was the film.