Fios Introduces "Get Out of the Past"

We live in a sophisticated technological age.

So it’s strange that so many of us are still experiencing frustration accessing it.

Painfully slow downloads, interrupted streaming, dead Wi-Fi spots in our homes, and a lack of Custom TV.

McCann’s “Get Out of the Past” campaign stars the thoroughly modern actress, Rashida Jones, and an unusual ensemble comedian cast comprised of her real life friends, including Vicki Davis, Jason Antoon Joey Slotnick, and her mother, Peggy Lipton. The rapport between Rashida (incidentally, a real-life Fios customer) and her friends and family – as they reveal that they clearly are not quite so current with their technology – establishes both the advantages of Fios and the campaign’s wry comedic grace.

The ongoing campaign is supported by pre-rolls, digital and social components, including a helpful series themed “Things to do during buffering”, offering ways to pass the time for those who refuse to get out of the past and get Fios.