“Write Your Cinco” Social Campaign for Jose Cuervo

On behalf of Jose Cuervo, one of the only existing tequilas around during the original Cinco de Mayo, McCann launched a social campaign to have fun with the fact that few people who celebrate Cinco know the actual history behind this holiday.

The all-digital program, dubbed ‘Write Your Cinco’, debuted in April 2015 as an online video featuring actor Luis Guzman (Boogie Nights, Carlito’s Way, Traffic, etc.) delivering a straight-faced, clearly far-fetched account of what may have happened on that historic May 5th day. Consumers were encouraged to make up and submit their own ludicrous versions of Cinco history on twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #WriteYourCinco or by visiting

And submit they did.

On May 5, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the 23 winning Cinco stories were revealed and displayed in east LA on a fancifully spirited mural painted by renowned Tijuana street artist, Charles Glaubitz. (The person in the photo is Charles Glaubitz)