Highly capable STEM candidates are an essential component of the Army’s ability to solve complex challenges facing our nation.

In order to protect and serve today’s America; the U.S. Army must stay ahead of ever evolving threats. This means having the most advanced technology: capable of handling the challenges of tomorrow. But battles are not won by technology alone – it’s the people behind the technology that are solving our nation’s greatest challenges. That’s why the U.S. Army seeks to recruit the nation’s most innovative problem solvers, ones who can outsmart complex adversaries. In this instance, STEM candidates.

As STEM candidates are problem solvers, we created ultimate challenge for them to solve. We developed an online simulated mission so difficult that only 5% of users would be capable of completing all levels. We named it Cryptaris Mission. Working with Army subject matter experts ensured levels reflected real skills needed to carry out real Army missions.

Experience the Cryptaris Mission here: