Office Depot and OfficeMax Will Find the Perfect Gift For Your Co-Workers

According to an Office Depot survey, 85 percent of workers enjoy exchanging gifts with their co-workers. Ninety-three percent of part- and full-time employees intending to buy a gift indicated that they give holiday gifts because they consider co-workers friends, and 25 percent intend on purchasing a playful gift this season. Hmmmmm.

We all know what to get our loved ones for the holidays, but what do we do when it comes to our office mates?

Just in time for 2015 holiday gift-giving, Office Depot and OfficeMax launched the Co-Worker Collection – via digital, social, PR, in-store and web banners. A curated shopping experience, it is designed to create a new sort of gifting behavior – one based on our co-workers’ quirks and idiosyncrasies.

“The idea was to take items that Office Depot and OfficeMax already sells and reframe them as the perfect gifts for the people you work with,”points out Tom Murphy, McCann NY Co-Chief Creative Officer, noting that anyone who has ever worked in an office can relate to the promotion. “The truth is, we all know our co-workers scary well. We created a campaign that has a bit of fun with these co-worker quirks and idiosyncrasies.”

Whether it’s the phantom pen thief, the 9AM music enthusiast, or the absent-minded project manager, Office Depot and OfficeMax’s new Co-Worker Collection, available through December 23, 2015, has perfect gifts for everyone in the office.